“This is no aloof snootfest – this is Austin-style live music that can make your heart go like a roman candle…” -Austin Chronicle

Who is One Ounce Opera?

One Ounce Opera…

There is a movement to revitalize opera across the globe, but no one is doing it quite like One Ounce Opera (OOO). From premiering a Frankenstein-esque vaudevillian transgender operetta in a Hyde Park living room, to rogue bits of Verdi in a Red River club, One Ounce Opera presents opera as accessible, contemporary, and mainstream through thoughtful programming in non-traditional locations. Read more about OOO here.

The OOO mission thrives because of generous support from fans like you. By making a tax-deductible contribution, your hard-earned gift will produce memorable, accessible, high-quality operatic experiences right here in Austin.