• Jules
  • January 26, 2013

2013 is gonna ROCK hard, y’all.

The excitement from the secret chambers of OOO’s meetings (i.e., over a beer or two) is harder and harder to stifle — and we don’t wish to.  This new year brings new challenges, varied collaborations, and abounding possibilities.

We will once again stretch ourselves and question the limitations of “our” music, seeking to surprise and move our loyal audiences.

All throughout February — in fact, every Saturday evening — catch a rotating small group of OOO Singers during Institution Theater’s BITTERFEST.  Tickets are available online or at the box office, but the space is limited, so we suggest getting them early!  Check each individual event page to see which of your favorite singers are slated each week, as we join improv masters and other local performance artists in a free-for-all f-you-v-day variety show.

On Valentine’s Day, OOO singers will perform at TWO free events.  Once again, we are pleased to be invited to sing in the gloriously acoustic Central Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, as a part of the famous Thursday Noon Concert Series.  The concert is (redundancy alert!) at noon, and is meant for a perfect lunchtime break.  See their site for more info on reserving your lunch and parking, etc.

THEN, for happy hour, a trio of OOO singers will be sharing some favorites at the Whole Foods-Gateway from 5:00-7:00.  Here’s the info for what we think is the perfect amuse buche to your V-day dinner plans!

Also, have you checked out the newly-added singer bios?  I mean, come on.  We’ll add our mugshots soon, too, and some solo clips of us showing off, so stay tuned for that.  How lucky are we to have these fantastic singers here locally, much less a part of OOO?  So much talent…

There are many, many other so-awesome-we-can’t-say-anything-yet-for-fear-of-jinxing-our-mojo concert/performance opportunities coming this spring, and the possibility of bringing OOO to outlying communities (rogue opera on TOUR, yo – we’ll earn that rockstar cred yet!).  When you come see us at these events in February, make sure you come say “hello” — introduce yourself! — so we can be sure to thank you for your continuing support.  Truly, dreams coming to fruition.  We feel AMAZING.

Cheers again, friends,



(Julie Fiore, OOO Founder and Director)



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