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  • Jules
  • March 24, 2012

Announcing our Advisory Council

There have been many (many, many) people involved in this project becoming a real, live company, and I am proud to add a few of those names to a public forum.

Ann Sauder and Rebekah Smeltzer, two local Austin singers with loads of talent and experience, are officially stepping into very important roles as Assistants to the GD. In other words, my right and left hand gals! Thanks, ladies — you are fab.

Jeanne Sasaki will be accompanying our auditions, and is a master at brainstorming and inspiring (me, in particular). Did I mention that the woman can play? She is a joy and such a consummate musician.

David Small has been a silent supporter since I crashed his office one morning with this crazy idea. This guy sings everywhere and with everyone, and I am thrilled to have him aboard! Enjoying world class talent five feet from the bar for little or no cover? What an amazing experience (and only in Austin!). Aren’t you getting excited?

Linda Hughes has done it ALL — founded two successful theater schools for young people, directed large-scale musicals, toured as a professional figure skater, been a mentor and teacher to some of the most creative artists of the past two generations, and now, is “Head Diva” managing Amarillo Opera productions. Her expertise is second-to-none, and I am so blessed to have her in my ear.

***UPDATE: On May 24th, 2012, we added a new member to the Council. San Antonio Native Kristin Roach is now aboard and her talents are already shaping the first complete “season” of One Ounce Opera performances. Kristin is an exceptional vocal coach and music director, playing for the likes of Renee Fleming, and has worked at San Diego Opera, San Francisco Opera, Tulsa Opera, and San Antonio Opera. She is currently associated with the newly-formed “Opera Piccola” in San Antonio. Collaborations are in the works. Stay tuned!***

I am thankful for all of the support thus far, from friends (extra special shout-outs to Brandon, Lisa, and Maysoon!), family, peers, and mentors — without you, this would not BE!

Auditions are coming together, and there a very few slots still available for Sunday, April 1st. If you know someone who is interested in singing for OOO, or you are, please send me your info ASAP (see the “Auditions” page for details)!