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  • Jules
  • December 9, 2015

Call for Composers of Short Opera


Composers: One Ounce Opera will present a new series of concerts titled “Fresh Squeezed Ounce.” This will be the inaugural event in what we hope will become a long standing series.

We’d like to formally invite you to submit short operas for inclusion in our program.

Please send a sample score of any dramatic work(s) you would like OOO to consider, that would qualify as “opera.” If you also have midi files or a rough cut recording (any audio, in other words), that would be helpful!

Winners will receive a cash award and be included on a compilation recording of this year’s event. Please contact Julie Fiore, Executive Director of OOO if you have any questions.


1) These works should be meant for the stage, not the concert hall.

2) These works should be between 10-20 minutes in length and include minimal spoken dialogue.

3) Free-range re: topics. Preference will be given to more current issues or stories, but classic re-tellings are also super cool. Funny, quirky, serious, poignant, low-brow, high-brow — it’s all good.

4) English is preferred as well.

5) Piano accompaniment or piano reduction is required. For performance, other instrumentations or orchestrations will be considered – we’ll do our best.

6) The piece should be able to function as a standalone work and have no more than six main characters. If you have included a chorus, that is acceptable. Soliloquies are fine.

7) Works that are looking for a premiere and newer works (written within the past 5 years) are given preference.

Submission deadline is January 20, 2016. Composers will be notified shortly thereafter. Copies of all parts will be due at that time.

Performance dates are April 15 and 16, 2016 at an alternative space in Austin, TX. Composers will receive a cash award and be included on a compilation recording of this year’s winning works. IF YOU SUBMITTED WORK FOR FRESH SQUEEZED OUNCE OF ART SONG this past October, you are welcome to also submit for this open call! PS: FSO-Art Song will premiere in Fall 2016 and include works already submitted for consideration. There will be no new call for Fall 2016.

See and share the Facebook event here.

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