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  • Jules
  • April 23, 2016

Inaugural FSOO Cast Lists, Program Notes, and THANK YOUs

Another THANK YOU for the support of Inaugural Fresh Squeezed Ounce of Opera! Below, we’ve included the cast lists and notes from the FSOO program, with each of the composer/librettist team’s spotlight interviews linked to their names.

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photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

Thyrsis & Amaranth^

Music and libretto by Steven Serpa, based on a fable by Jean de la Fontaine (

Thyrsis – Julie Silva
Amaranth – Maureen Papovich

Stage Director – Jake Jacobsen, Musical Director – Nikki Birdsong

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

Now Boarding^Libretto by Wendy S. Knapp Bowman
Music by Tori Ovel (

Worried – Cristina Flores
Flight Attendant – Rosa Harris
Business – Jake Jacobson
Sad – Patricia Combs

Stage Director – Michael Holderer, Music Director – Charmaine Flake


photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

Part of the Act^Libretto by John Grimmett ( Music by Liam Wade (

Ginger Taylor – Maureen Papovich
Mabel McGinley – Julie Fiore
Seamus McGinley – Patrick Wright

Stage Director – Julie Fiore, Music Director – Charmaine Flake



photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

The Miller’s Tale*Adapted story and music by Jesse McMilin, based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Nicholas – Andy Fleming
Girl/Widow – Cristina Flores
John – Michael Holderer
Alison – Julie Silva
Absalon – Jake Jacobsen
Chorus – Rosa Harris, Nathan Patrick, and Cristina Flores

Stage Director – Michael Holderer, Music Director – Nikki Birdsong

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

Love After the Collapse of Civilization*Libretto and music by Jeff Luna (

Narrator – Patrick Wright
Nathan – Andy Fleming
Grandmother – Patricia Combs
Grandfather – Nathan Patrick
Clara – Rosa Harris

Stage Director – Jake Jacobsen, Music Director – Charmaine Flake

*world premiere ^regional premiere

Produced by One Ounce Opera, and supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. One Ounce Opera is a sponsored project of the Austin Creative Alliance.


One Ounce Opera

Executive Director – Julie Fiore
Production Team – Angela Irving, Maureen Papovich, Julie Silva
Stage Manager – Monica Kurtz
Door/Assistant Stage Manager – Brittany Trinite
Lights/Projections Op – Angela Irving
Program – Patricia Combs
Videography – Stephen Reynolds
Photography – Roy Moore/Control Images


One more thank you to our sponsors and our amazing donors.

Sixth Street Bourbon, Nathan Kurten, Andy Fleming, Michael Leidel, Martha Coleman, Robin and Paul Cohen, Katherine Altobello, Lorne L Harris, Saul Jerome San Juan, Andrew Scheberle, Carolyn Stone, June Julian, Justin Stewart, Alexandra Goodrich, Elizabeth Warren, Mateja Lane, accounts, Ethan Sherman, Phil Davidson, Jerry Long, Renee Brissette, Jan Wright, Marianne Lynch, Jamieson Taylor, Lauren White Arthur, Angela Irving, Lynn Carlson, Angela Williamson, Anne Booth, Stevie Schein, W. A. Brenner, Tony Beach, Courtney Taft, Liam Wade, Lisa Lee, Bryan Simmons, Sam Melnick, pianoamf, Susan Floyd, Ammon Taylor, Rob Casillas, Stacy Langsdale, Roanna Flowers, David Carlton Adams, William Hyland, Kara Fuhlbrugge, Wendy Schober-Ditmore, Chris McMillan, Albert Ford, Bernadette Grohol, Lori Paradoski, Laura Broy, Rain Nox, Allen Schober, Erika Wuerzner, Linda Dee Hughes, Win Bent, Matt Marr, Daniel Castillo, Julie Silva, Eric Imhof, Casey Papovich, Katherine Lewis, Elizabeth B Brown, and Bernard Bennett.

A BIG shout-out to Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, W.A. Brenner, and Natalie Zeldin for the press recognition and attention! Click on their names to read the articles.

Special thanks to Live Oak Brewing, Orpheus Academy of Music, Motorblade Postering Service, Design That Flies, Roy Moore/Control Images, Stephen R. Reynolds, and the Museum of Human Achievement!