• Jules
  • April 5, 2017

Meet Marvin J. Carlton and Madeleine St. Romain, FSOO 2017 Winners

Remembering Landscape is a post apocalyptic opera for three singers and piano. During FSOO 2017, One Ounce Opera will present the premiere performance of the piece, written by composer Marvin J. Carlton and librettist Madeleine St. Romain. It will feature Maureen Papovich, Julie Silva, and Robert LeBas.

Q: (from Julie Fiore, stage director) Marvin, the music is woven together almost like a chorale, especially the opening trio. From where did you draw your inspiration for the style of music in this piece?

Marvin: “Remembering Landscape” is the second opera that Madeleine and I have done together.  In both operas, I have found that Madeleine’s words frequently invite ensemble singing, and to me that is a good thing since I enjoy writing ensembles.  When I first read the text, I was struck by the starkness of the opera and was compelled to write music that would reflect that starkness.  Knowing that the characters had just encountered a disaster, I knew that they had to express their feelings individually but at time intertwining with each other.  As for Chloe’s scene midway through the opera, upon initial reading I heard music that was somewhat related to the sleepwalking scenes in several bel canto operas.

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Madeleine St. Romain is a writer and multidisciplinary artist.

With composer Nicole Chamberlain, she wrote Rabbit Tales for the Atlanta Opera.  She was a librettist for the Atlanta Opera’s 24 Hour Opera Project 5 times, which is how she met Marvin. They have written 2 operas together now, 3Ds Dance Hall, and Remembering Landscape.

With composer Robert Boury, she has written four family operas, Cedar Tree and River Water, Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun,  Seastruck, and The Raspberry War.


marvin-photoMarvin J. Carlton is an American composer of opera, art song, symphonic works, choral works, and chamber music.  His micro-opera 3D’s DANCE HALL won the audience choice award at The Atlanta Opera’s 24-Hour Opera Project in 2013, while his opera PIE, PITHE, AND PALLETTE won the judge’s award in 2016.  His music has been heard in concerts by Belleville (IL) Philharmonic Chorale, Centralia (IL) Philharmonic Orchestra, The Atlanta Opera, International Double Reed Society, St. Martin Chamber Players, Heart of Illinois Woodwind Quintet, The American Patriot Wind Ensemble, and the Southern Illinois Grade School Vocal Music Association.

Several of his chamber works have been published by Imagine Music.