One Ounce Opera: Launch @ Red 7
  • Jules
  • August 12, 2012

OOO Launch – Moving Forward

As I sit down to write this post, I find it hard to focus. I sense my mind wandering. There is much to be done in the coming days. I launch an opera company on August 23, after all.

An “opera company.” For some reason, that just doesn’t sound right. Yes, we sing opera, and yes, this is technically a professional company of singing-artists, but the title “opera company” doesn’t quite seem to fit who and what One Ounce Opera is now, and what I hope for it as we move forward.

“Opera company” seems antiquated – one thing OOO is envisioning stripping from the word “opera,” period. For me, it evokes images of elaborate costumes, complicated sets, having to wear pantyhose and trying to share the armrest in a massive, cold hall. It also reminds me of being hired for a role, traveling to where the show will be, spending three weeks of solid rehearsals putting a show together and getting to know these new characters and the people playing them, and then – just like that – any chemistry you created and any ensemble you worked to build is severed when the final curtain goes down.

That is so far away from an One Ounce Opera experience.

Since April, we have been building something that would take a monster to tear down. We have been creating a sense of ensemble, a team. Rehearsals have become moments to spend with friends, and to explore within a vibrant atmosphere. We laugh a lot – mostly at ourselves – as we continue to surprise each other with bold choices and fresh ideas.

Regardless of what we call ourselves, this is a company of artists, first and foremost. Of that, I am proud.

I am also proud of the fact we have built a community. We rely on one another. And after we take our final bows late on Thursday, August 23rd, it will mark the beginning of something exciting instead of the end. This is the starting gate – the first whistle – and no end date is in sight.

Hope you can be there to help us kickoff One Ounce Opera, officially. We plan to be a part of the game for many, many years to come.